The Laundry Basket

October 18, 2011 at 6:24 AM Leave a comment

Held hostage in my closet…still!

There’s a basket of unfolded laundry in my closet that’s been sitting there for over a month. It’s full of clean-yet-slightly-wrinkled clothes, and much like the rock of Gibraltar it’s not likely to budge anytime soon.

I left it there “for just a while” several weeks ago, after washing up the clothes from my last trip. I got home from the airport, unpacked my bag, and like clockwork ran the dirty laundry through the washer and dryer and put it in a basket in the bottom of my closet. And ever since then, for the life of me, I can’t seem to move it from that very spot.

On the trip, what I thought was altitude sickness turned into days and weeks of unrelenting migraines, dizziness, and serious difficulty stringing together linear thought. Since then, heating pads, trips to doctors, blood tests, and mostly ineffective treatments and painkillers have been my daily companions.

Yet all the while in the back of my mind, I’ve been plagued by that darn basket of laundry. It sits there as a not-so-living monument to the strange turn of events that stopped me in my tracks like a broom shoved between the spokes of a water wheel. Frozen in place. Incapacitated. Inert.

I’ve tried several times to dislodge the broom by actually putting the clothes away and giving those “unhung” heroes in my closet a little dignity. After all, rumpled as they are, they still continue to serve me faithfully day after day as I rummage through the basket, hurriedly grabbing “just one more thing” as I weakly drag myself from one headache to the next. But at this point, hanging them up would also involve putting them back in the dryer to get the wrinkles out, and for some reason that feels like being asked to drag a semi-truck across the Sahara in the middle of August.

So I continue to fish through the contents of the basket, lo these many weeks later, like a refugee digging through a dingy bag of rags. And I’m pretty sure it’s way more work in the long run than just picking up the basket, tossing the clothes in dryer, and putting the poor things away.

But weak as I am, the mental hurdle is just far too high.

In fact, I’m convinced that the surest evidence of whether I’m fully recovered won’t be renewed vigor, a lack of unpleasant symptoms, or even a doctor’s pronouncement. I’ll know I’m cured for sure when I find myself effortlessly putting away laundry next to an empty laundry basket thinking, “Hey, you know…that wasn’t nearly as awful as I expected!”


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