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30 DAYS OF BLOGGING: NaBloPoMo 2014!

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As of this post, I’ve officially completed National Blog Post Month 2014:

30 days of daily blogging

in the month of November!!!!! 

In the beginning I wasn’t sure if it was the best or worst decision I’d made in a long time. Now 30 days later, I’m definitely glad I participated. Sure, it was excruciating at times — like having to turn in 30 small term papers in a row — yet in the end, I know my writing life is richer for it.

Here are 10 benefits of NaBloPoMo I’m noticing already…

  1. Learning to write on cue vs. having to feel “inspired”

  2. Writing in small bursts vs. huge stretches

  3. Remembering how much I love to blog  

  4. Discovering unused pockets of writing time

  5. The thrill of going from idea to “published” daily

  6. Connecting with a network of fellow bloggers 

  7. Gaining new blog subscribers every day! 

  8. Interacting with readers thru blog comments

  9. “Priming the pump” for future blog post ideas

  10. Renewing blogging habits for 2015…

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you who read, commented, subscribed, and shared posts on Twitter or Facebook this month. Without you I’d simply be…talking to myself. I hope your life has been enriched in some way, and I thank you for joining me as we endeavor to “find the growing edge” in Christ together.

From this point on, I’ll be blogging weekly rather than daily.

Unless of course…I decide to do NaBloPoMo 2015 next year!


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Birthday Blessing…


Happy birthday, babe…YOU’RE the gift!

Today is my husband’s birthday. The day we celebrate the fact that he was thought up by God, created, and introduced to this world!

This year is more of a “working birthday” for him, as he travels to various locations doing music and comedy. As I got up in the wee hours of the morning to see him off (something I rarely do, believe me) I sensed the Lord prompting me to write a blog post. “Really?!”     I asked. What on earth would I write about?

And then I ran across this picture, and it dawned. I could write about Paul.

What can you say about the single most influential person in your life…besides Jesus?

I could go on and on…

Yet in honor of Paul, who’s in charge of brevity in our house, I’ll try and keep it short. (something else I rarely do!)

As many of you know, Paul is incredibly funny. A gifted comedian and musician, he can get people rolling with laughter with a simple raise of his eyebrow. Not only that, he’s also an honest-to-goodness wordsmith, crafting clever and insightful turns of phrases with an ease that would leave most of us in the dust. When he hits the stage, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind “Paul Aldrich experience” you will never forget!

Yet He’s also the wisest “wise guy” I’ve ever met. He doesn’t lead with it, so not everyone knows – but God has truly given Him the wisdom of Solomon on a variety of subjects. He has a way of cutting to the chase and summing things up so simply and concisely, you find yourself shaking your head and thinking, “Well of course! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself.” Yet often he does. Not to mention his uncanny ability to make a quirky remark at just the right moment to get me laughing…when I feel like crying.

He’s also an incredible servant, and has supported me through many an illness, writing stretch, and season of ministry. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve woken up to a hot cup of tea, found a salad next to my computer as I worked, or been supported in ministry by his listening ear and wise advise. Yep. He’s a keeper!

Does the man have any faults, you may ask? Oh sure. He makes sarcastic comments at the oddest times (“really, babe, I’m not sure you’re supposed to joke about the pope”), watches every sport imaginable at every hour possible (“Can’t you TiVo the NBA games that go til midnight?”), and refuses to wear his glasses while cleaning (“hey honey, are you sure you cleaned the sink…there’s about an inch worth of hair from when you shaved last”). But those are hardly worth mentioning.

They’re just enough to remind me that the man is, in fact, human after all. 😀

So Paul, today on your special day of gifts, cards, and birthday wishes, allow me to quote back to you one of your own encouraging phrases…

Babe, YOU are the gift!

Ready to laugh? Check out

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Have you ever gone through a season where your perspective began to shift? And the way you viewed the world started changing before your very eyes?

Most of the time, growth is so gradual we hardly notice it. A small child is growing every second of every day, but even if we stared at them for a half hour straight, we still couldn’t “see” it. Yet if you’ve been away from them for a month, the change is obvious. “Oh my, how you’ve grown!”

The same is true spiritually. We usually don’t notice ourselves growing. Yet if we do the things that lead to growth – eat properly (the Word), exercise (obey), and get plenty of rest (trust God) – the growth WILL show up eventually. It’s inevitable.

Yet every now and then, a child goes through a “growth spurt.” A season when it seems they’ve grown a foot overnight! It’s not that we fed them super-food, or shoveled it in by the truckloads, they just grew. The steady pace of growth suddenly hit a sweet spot. And a growth spurt resulted.

That’s what I’ve been experiencing this past month.

Some of you “Growing Edge Blog” subscribers may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a few weeks. Four weeks, to be exact. You know how during a crazy-busy day, you can sometimes find yourself going on an “unintentional fast”? You INTENDED to eat the whole day, you just never found the time! That’s how I felt about blogging this month. Fridays just kept flying by, one after the other, often without me even realizing it. And the reason? I unexpectedly found myself in the middle of a huge “growth spurt.”

I didn’t really see it coming. Yet once it hit, my whole perspective began to change. It was as if all the “plodding in place” I’d done the previous year had suddenly kicked in. The little choices I’d made to explore this or try that, suddenly began yielding changes. I took a few small risks. I decided to start practicing some growth principles that I “knew” but hadn’t given my full attention. I let myself rest in the fact that God was working, even though I couldn’t really see it at the moment.

And suddenly areas where I’d been stuck…health, household tasks, creativity…began shuddering and shifting, until there was actually movement FORWARD! Little by little, by God’s mercy, things I had “known” but been unable to actually do, made sense in a whole new way. And (miracle of miracles!) I actually had the power to DO them. Maybe not every time, and certainly not perfectly. But there WAS movement. In a forwardly direction!

I must admit, I found this new growth intoxicating. I started going to the gym, preparing meals, and emptying trash cans like a crazy woman. The other morning I even found myself ironing a pair of shorts! Simple tasks that had seemed like climbing Mt. Everest (due to chronic illness and discouragement) were actually within my grasp. No only that, but after canceling two other trips due to ill health, I actually made it to the Blue Ridge writer’s conference, where I had the time of my life meeting other writers and editors, and attending a host of helpful workshops. I was like a calf let out of the stall on the first day of spring…I could actually DO things!

And through it all, I realized that those simple growth principles I’d been practicing were, for me, the growing edge. Where the rubber met the road – and the truth of God’s Word met my daily experience. And as a result, moment by moment, step by step…and then seemingly all at once…my perspective was changing. My paradigm was shifting. And I was beginning to see my life much more from God’s point of view than my own.

Aaaaaaaaaaah…what a refreshing point of view! How much wider and deeper and richer than my measly little perspective. How much more redemptive and wise and hopeful than what I see through my limited little “keyhole view” of the universe. I’ll take His way of seeing things over mine any day of the week…and twice on Sundays!

I hope you’re in the midst of your own paradigm shift this week. Whether you feel like it or not right now, God is offering  His perspective to us every moment of the day. Sometimes we’re able to see it, and sometimes we’re not. But one thing I learned this month is that all those little choices do add up. And His grace is more than able to meet us in our stumbling ways…if we simply follow Him with a will to obey…even if our paradigm hasn’t quite “shifted” yet.

Don’t worry. It will. Just keep trusting and obeying…and He’ll meet you there.

In a couple weeks I’d like to share with you some of those “simple principles” that have been making such a difference in my life. They aren’t original with me, but I’ve found them so life changing that I truly feel like I “discovered” them for the first time, and simply must pass them on to others! So I look forward to starting a monthly post called “Training Step Tuesday.” It’s very exciting stuff, and I can’t wait to share it! 

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Each new day offers a fresh opportunity to learn or languish, stagnate or grow. Like all sincere Christians, I face the ongoing challenge of finding THE GROWING EDGE.


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1. LISTEN without interrupting
(Proverbs 1:8)

2. SPEAK without accusing
(James 1:19)

3. GIVE without sparing
(Proverbs 21:26)

4. PRAY without ceasing
(Colossians 1:9)

5. ANSWER without arguing
(Proverbs 17:1)

6. SHARE without pretending
(Ephesians 4:15)

7. ENJOY without complaint
(Philippians 2:14)

8. TRUST without wavering
(I Corinthians 13:7)

9. FORGIVE without punishing
(Colossians 3:13)

10. PROMISE without forgetting
(Proverbs 13:12)

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